Action on Elder Abuse C.E.O Gary Fitzgerald covers up Britains worse case of Organized and Orchestrated Elderly & Disabled Abuse.

Why are Action on Elder Abuse covering up this case

Firstly Gary Fitzgerald and Zaina Senior Information Officer are fully aware of this case they gave David the brush off causing him mental distress. What other cases have they covered up.

 The victim is a 73-year-old man severely disabled with Fibromyalgia who fled his home over 3 years ago after a string of assaults and death threats. They have never made contact with the victim or us people who have been trying to help his case.

Next Katy Bourne Sussex PCC is aware of this case has not answered our emails which contain material that proves Sussex Police have covered up this case. (At no time has David make a statement to Sussex Police)

(Director of Adult Social Care and Health Keith Hinkley East Sussex has made threats against him of legal action yet again no statement has been taken from David) Keith Hinkley and Sussex Police covered up the attempted murder of David by members of the gang who murdered Katrina Taylor. 3 Years ago David fled his home. Here is his case More details of this case.

Even if David had mental problems Adult Social Care still have a duty of care.

Being threaten with legal action by crooked Lewes District Council solicitor  Catherine Knight ( see her involvement in the cover up of council corruption and covering up for Mark Slade the Preddy fraudster)

At no time has a statement been taken from David. Neilson.

I have sent the case to Katy Bourne Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner
No response from her? Why.
The case David fled his home in 2015 in fear of his personal safely after Sussex Police and Adult Social Care covered up long term assaults death threats by members of the gang who murdered Katrina Taylor.
David was told that he would be killed if he did not sign over the freehold and his Leasehold flat to them.
Sussex Police have covered up the fact that Mark Slade aka Marcel Sulc and members of his gang used 318 South Coast Rd as HQ and the killers of Katrina
David who is very frail has Fibromyalgia and sight problems. The last 3 years have been hell for him he is renting any cheap accommodation he needs medical help his Fibromyalgia means he can hardly walk and CFS. He also has macular degeneration and lost sight in one eye.

This site is a sick joke why has Katy Bourne not contacted them?? Our asked the Sussex Police safeguarding unit to investigate the case. What has she to cover up or why is she not asking Sussex Police as to why not they are not carrying out their duties.

Want to know more email us we will get back to you  

Crooked Katy Bourne Sussex pcc does not want that

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